New Strength and Conditioning Program

Queensland squad fencers now have access to expert strength and conditioning training after the Queensland Fencing Association invested nearly $6,000 in squat racks, bar bells, weights and benches.

Sessions are run before squad by Gareth Maclean, a national representative sabreur with a degree in exercise and movement science and a level two qualified strength and conditioning coach.

Gareth says his main aim is to reduce fencers’ injury rates as well as “making them stronger and more powerful”.

Read more: New Strength and Conditioning Program

QFA Rankings 2011-2016

Just out of interest we have put together a Open Ranking List based on all of the QFA competitions over the past six years. Check out the files below to see where you are sitting.

Of course, the only way to improve your ranking (or make it on to the list if you aren't there yet) is to enter the QFA Competitions, starting with our Club event for Women's Sabre and Men's Foil on Friday 27 January, and QFA Open 1 on February 18. Details of all the competitions fr 2017 can be found on our Calendar.

The rankings also show that we have had 222 different fencers competing in our Open events during the six year period, but we would love to have more people on the list. If you know someone on the list who hasn't fenced in a while, or someone who is currently fencing bit isn't yet attending our competitions, why not encourage them to give it a go this year?

QFA Cadet (U17) Circuit #1 2016 (Saturday 27 February)

The first competition in the 2016 Cadet (U17) Fencing Circuit will be held on Saturday 27 February at Yeronga. This event is open to all fencers born 1999 or later, and younger fencers are encouraged to compete as the event awards bonus ranking points for U15 and U13 competitors. 

Participants must be Junior members of QFA to register, although interstate or international competitors are welcome (please contact for more information). The event requires full electric scoring equipment, including conductive foil bibs for Foil.

Full details (including timetable) can be found on the Calendar page of the QFA website. To register for the event, please use the ONLINE REGISTRATION SYSTEM

Australian U15 and U17 Fencing Championships (Sydney, 4-8 July)

Registrations are now open for the QFA Tour to Sydney for the Australian Cadet (U17) and U15 Fencing Championships, which will be held in Sydney from 4-8 July. All Queensland Fencers (and their families) are invited to participate in this Tour to assist with arrangements for travelling to the event.

The Information Letter about the Competition and the Tour is attached - please read this carefully and contact if you have any questions.

All fencers (regardless of whether they are travelling with the Tour or not) must register online using this link. However, people who wish to register for the Tour must complete the registration by Friday 15 May


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