Access & Equity Policy

                          Black Card Policy

                         Child Protection & Working with Children Check Requirements

                          Club Affiliation Policy

                                   Coach Policy

                          Communications Policy

                          Competition Policy

                          Competitive Categories Policy

                          Concussion Policy

                          Conflict of Interest Policy

                          Cyberbullying Policy

                          Drugs & Alcohol Policy

                          Equal Opportunity Policy

                          Illicit Substances Policy

                          Integrity In Sport Policy

                          Interacting with Children Policy

                          Membership Policy

                          Podium Dress Standard Policy

                          Privacy Policy


                          Selection Policy

                          Social Media Policy

                         Stallholder Policy

                          Volunteer Policy

Note: All fencers have a responsibility to ensure they are familiar with all policies at all times. Policies may be subject to change periodically at the discretion of the Management Committee.

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