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Step 1/7: Let's get started
Step 1/7: Let's get started

Membership Applications

All membership applications are subject to the approval or rejection by the management committee. Membership of the association is not confirmed until such approval has been given by the management committee. QFA shall not be required or compelled to provide any reason for such acceptance or rejection.

All persons engaging in Learn to Fence classes must register as Learn to Fence (LTF) Temporary members. There is no cost to this level of membership. LTF members are not able to engage in any activity at any club or for the Association other than LTF classes.

It is the policy of Queensland Fencing Association, Inc that any person who has engaged in fencing activities in a club for a period of 6 weeks or more is required to register for Club Level Membership at a minimum.

Any person, who volunteers in any capacity at a club or for the Association is required to register as a Volunteer Support Member and must supply a valid Blue Card prior to commencing any activity in a club or for QFA. QFA adheres to a No Card, No Start policy.

The financial year for each membership application runs from 1 January to 31 December of the year in which membership is applied for. Membership fees are not pro-rated.

QFA Membership Fees for Senior, Junior, Coach and Official Members include an additional Volunteer Levy. This helps to support some of the important functions of QFA on those occasions where there are insufficient volunteers.

In applying for membership you acknowledge that by making application for membership you are agreeing to be bound by these Rules, by the Association’s by-laws and policies, and those of the Australian Fencing Federation which apply to the Association’s members.

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