2024 Season Membership Applications

Published Sat 30 Dec 2023

Membership applications for the 2024 fencing season (1 January - 31 December) will open on 1 January 2024. All AFT/AFS and HPP members who are participating in overseas tours during January will need to apply for QFA membership prior to leaving for the tour in order to be covered by insurance. Volunteer applicants should note that they are required to hold a valid Blue Card prior to applying for QFA membership and supply a copy of the positive notification to

QFA collects membership fees on behalf of a number of affiliated clubs. Please ensure that you pay the correct club fee at the time of registration.

Minors applying for membership will need to supply contact details of a parent or caregiver to receive communications from the Association. 

To apply for membership go the the BECOME A MEMBER tab at the top of the website.  Please use 'renew' if you have previously held membership ensuring you enter your details exactly as they were entered previously in order for the system to match them correctly.

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