QFA Armoury Course (6 September)


QFA will be holding an Armoury Course on Saturday 6 September (please note that there are no squads running on that weekend). The course will be run by Operations Manager and head QFA Armourer David McFadyen.

The course is divided into two sections:
- Basic Armoury Course (1:00-3:00 pm) - looks at how fencing equipment works, how to maintain fencing equipment and identifying and repairing common faults.
- Advanced Armoury Course (3:00-5:00 pm) - looks at rewiring weapons and identifying and repairing less common faults.

Participants can choose to attend just the Basic Course, just the Advanced Course or both courses, and this event is highly recommended for any fencer (and/or their parents) who uses electric fencing equipment. The course is run free of charge, and interested people should register by using the link on the Registrations and Payments tab by Thursday 4 September.

Please note that the Advanced Course requires a minimum of 6 participants to run - if there are insufficient registrations for this event it will be cancelled or postponed. In the event that the Advanced Course is not to run, registered participants will be advised by email.


Upcoming QFA Competitions

Registrations are now open for upcoming QFA COmpetitions being held in August.

On the weekend of 9 and 10 August, the Queensland U15 and U17 State Championships will be held, while Saturday 16 August will be the third round of the QFA Open Circuit.

Details of these events including timetables can be found in the Calendar section. To register please use the links on the Registrations and Payments tab - remember that entries received by the Wednesday before each event have a discounted entry fee of $25.

QFA Holiday Camp

QFA will be holding a fencing camp on Monday 30th June and Tuesday 1st July. The camp will run from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm each day.

Venue: Brisbane Grammar School Sports Centre

Who should attend? All school-age fencers who are over 10 years old are welcome to attend and get some valuable training. However, the camp is targeted at those fencers preparing to attend the National Cadet and U15 Championships in Sydney and these people are strongly encouraged to attend.

What activities will be run at the camp? The camp will focus on tactical and technical development with sessions focusing on fencing fitness and footwork, as well as sessions for foil, epee and sabre.  As the camp is designed to prepare those fencers competing in the National Championships, there will also be sessions on competition preparation and warm up, competition formats and procedures, team matches and equipment maintenance and repair.

Coaches: The camp will be run by Paul Crook and David McFadyen, providing an opportunity to work the two coaches who will be travelling to Sydney before the competition.

Equipment: Fencers should bring their own equipment where possible, although some equipment may be available to borrow. Fencers attending the National Championships should bring all their gear to the camp on the Tuesday, as there will be an opportunity to have it checked before the competition

Cost: The camp costs $100, or $60 if attending a single day. Registrations and payments should be made through the Online Registration System available on the Registrations and Payment Tab. All participants must be School Fencer or Junior Members of QFA.

Please note: there will be breaks for lunch but there is no canteen there.  Fencers will need to bring their own food.

Queensland School Fencing Team 2014

Congratulations to the following athletes who have been selected to represent Queensland in the 2014 National School Fencer Championships which will be held in Brisbane on 14-15 June.

Senior Men’s Epee

Allen, Kennedy (BGS)

Beanland, Edward (BGS)

Crook, Lachlan (Cavendish Rd SHS)

Kelemen, Erik (Mt. Tambourine SHS)

Kelly, William (BGS)

Patil Kulkarni, Siddhesh (BGS)


Senior Men’s Sabre

Aleksiev, Izaak (BGS)

Beckey, Will

Lin, Daniel (BGS)

Stevenson, Grant (BGS)


Senior Men’s Foil

Hassum, Joshua (BGS)

Haigh-Childs, Ollie (BSHS)

Young, Kurt (BGS)


Intermediate Men’s Epee

Mapperson, Fraser (John Paul College)

Intermediate Men’s Sabre

Intermediate Men’s Foil

Bennett, Leighton (BSHS)

Blak, Liam (BSHS)

Crilly, Thoms (BGS)

Desses, Alexander (BSHS)

Jansson, Axel (Mt. Gravatt SHS)

Kwan, Alex (BGS)

Nusem, Alon (BGS)


Senior Women’s Epee

Jackson, Bronte (BGGS)

McGovern-Greco, Chandler (All Hallows)

Taylor, Maddison (All Hallows)


Senior Women’s Sabre

Brown, Alexandria (BGGS)

Powell, Francisca (BGGS)

Su, Shiye (BGGS)

Senior Women’s Foil

Atherton, Ceri (BGGS)

Kwag, Alicia (St. Aidan’s)

Martinkus, Avalon (All Hallows)

Pan, Lili (BGGS)

Shih, Cherie (BGGS)


Intermediate Women’s Epee

Bartley, Georgia (All Hallows)

Callaghan, Olivia (Somerville House)

Cranston, Alex (Lourdes Hill College)

Darveniza, Boyana (BGGS)

Rui, Bonita (All Hallows)

Intermediate Women’s Sabre

Andersen, Charlotte-Lilly (Fig Tree Pocket SS)

O’Malley, Lucy (All Hallows)

Rice, Siobhan (All Hallows)

Ryder, Hannah (Redlands College)

Intermediate Women’s Foil

Andersen, Madeleine (All Hallows)

Anderson, Miah (Kelvin Grive SC)

Kong, Natalie (BGGS)

Lin, Kimberley (BGGS)

Loh, Alexis (All Hallows)

Patchen, Alexandra (BGGS)

Quinn, Phoebe (All Hallows)

Satyasiv, Madison (BGGS)




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